PHP Project : Templating Engine

Simple, light-weight and fast templating engine for both PHP, client-side Javascript and Node.js This started as a proof-of-concept, yet is fully working and extensible. There are many templating engines out there, which are very

PHP Project : SWF Communication

This PHP Project relies on bidirectional communication between php and flash videos.Basically in this project In this Project I created the SWF files using Swish, but the same code could be used for flash. There

PHP Project – Free Forum System(Tech Book)

Free Forum System (Tech Book) PHP Project This PHP Project is Based on Free Forum sytem in which user does not need to sign up and log in . It is fast,easy and Simple.

PHP Projects – E Journal System

E Journal System This PHP Project is based on electronic-journal system where we combine all topics page into a single page in a orderly way. The all Webpages are published on the web. They

PHP Projects – Article Publishing

Article Publishing This PHP Project is based on publishing the articles online just like blogging tool wordpress this php application is mostly similar to wordpress application which is the best CMS for blogging. This

PHP Projects – Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System This PHP Project is based on Inventory which means Physical Resource that a firm holds in stock with the intent of selling it or transforming it into a more valuable state.

PHP Projects – Gmail Address Book Grabber

Gmail Addressbook Grabber This PHP Project is mainly used for Grabbing the gmail address book. Which consist of many email ids.This Project help in maintaining the record for emails. This is a small project for

PHP Projects – Horoscope

Horoscope This PHP Project is used to show the Horoscope of peoples.Every Person has its own unique zodiac sign.The Horoscope is shown according to zodiac signs of each people. In this Project Horoscope is

PHP Projects – Video CD Library Management System

Video CD Library Management System This PHP Project is used for managing the record of video CDs in Video Libaray or a Video CDs Shop.This Project is Specially made for managing the large database

PHP Projects – Financial Management System

Financial Management System This PHP Project is Simply Based on financial Management Which help in keep the day by day tally record as a complete banking or financial system. It can keep the information